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Virtual Global Live Event

KITCO Gold Summit

All the possible directions precious metals could take.

8-9 June 2021

9 a.m ET to 4 p.m

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Precious metals are at a historic crossroads.

With governments and central banks taking unprecedented action to support their economies and weather the pandemic, fiat currency is at risk. Investors are seeking hard assets. However, gold is also buffeted by a surging stock market and cryptocurrencies. More than ever, you need to hear from experts on where precious metals are headed.


Why Attend?

If you are a precious metal investor, you can’t afford to miss this event.

If you are attending just one precious metal event in 2021, the Kitco Gold Summit can’t be missed:

  • Kitco News has one of the world’s largest dedicated team of journalists reporting on the precious and base metal markets with accuracy and objectivity.
  • Our editorial team has an unrivalled Rolodex of all the movers-and-shakers in the precious metal industry. You will hear informed interviews the top market influencers.
  • The conference is virtual and free to attend and can easily fit into your schedule, wherever you are located.
  • The conference is interactive. You are not a passive participant. Get your questions answered. Get the actional information you need to make the best investment decisions.
  • Kitco Gold Live Summit is the event that matters. Attend the show that everyone else will be talking about.


What will be covered?

Precious metals and base metals are facing once-in-a-generation shifts. There was massive government stimulus to shore up businesses during the pandemic, and the internal combustion engine finally appears to be ceding ground to batteries. Our Editor-in-chief Michelle Makori sets the agenda.
Kicking off the Summit with a leading thinker in the metals space.
Precious metals are getting a hand from governments pushing more stimulus into their economies as nations try to regain their footing after the pandemic. Inflation should be positive for precious metals, but is the broader equity rally going to dampen any gold or silver rally? Will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates before the precious metals gather any momentum? And there are cryptocurrencies stealing the spotlight from gold. More than ever, you need to hear from experts on where precious metals are headed.
Silver’s prospects looks bright on two fronts: inflation fears look good for precious metals and silver traditionally out performs gold. Also, industrial demand is picking up as governments and industry spend more on renewables, namely solar. Understand the dynamics of silver from our panel of experts.
Base metals are being propelled higher by battery material demand. Automakers are firmly committed to electric vehicles, and they are booking sales. However, how are they going to get enough nickel, lithium, cobalt and other materials to make their batteries? What about metal substitution if prices climb too high? Identify the top metals in the space. Understand where the industry is headed.
If metal prices move higher, you want to be invested in the juniors. Juniors let you double, triple or even pull off the ten bagger. But there are several thousand listed juniors all with a high degree of variability based on quality of management, jurisdiction, project, infrastructure and metallurgy, just to name a few. Get guided by our panel of experts. Show will be live and interactive. Now is your chance to get your questions answered by our expert panelists.
Hear from a group that is making it happen. Companies who are advancing projects will tell you what they are doing, how they are doing it and how their shareholders will prosper.
Look back at what was learned, and set the table for day two.
We’ve mostly learned about metals going up, but how do adjacent sectors compare? Dive into cryptocurrencies and alternative investments. We also cap yesterday’s talk with a discussion on how to invest like the pros in precious metals.
Kicking off the Summit with a leading thinker in the metals space.
For something that is supposed to provide certainty against fiat, the investment choices in precious metals are bewildering: juniors, miners, streamers, indexes, exchange traded funds and of course physical. Each has its benefits. Learn from our experts on the strengths of each and what are the leading options in today’s market.
Wine, paintings, antiques, trading cards and non-fungible tokens. With concerns about inflation and a pandemic that put people at home, alternative investments had a renaissance. Trading card maker Topps went public in April in a deal that valued the company at $1.3 billion. Understand the sector vis-a-vis precious metals and whether there is still room to run in the alternative investment space.
Bitcoin broke out in 2021 gaining 1,000% in just one year. Bitcoin is also going mainstream. Tesla and Microstrategy are just two high-profile companies that prospered by making bitcoin key parts of their business. You need to understand where bitcoin is headed, and the impact upon precious metals.
A look back at what was learned.



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